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    Stop parameter propagation.

    Francisco Jose Peredo Noguez Master

      All I want is to jump from an already started transaction into a new transaction. And I almost succeed, but now, it turns out some information from the old transaction is leaking into the  new transaction! (Note the propagation="none")

      <s:link propagation="none" action="#{someController.someAction}" value="{someController.someName}">

      Well, even with propagation="none" page parameters defined in the .page.xml are being propagated to the new conversation! How can I stop them from propagating?

      I even tried with combining h:commandLink/a4j:commandLink with s:conversationPropagation instead of s:link but s:conversationPropagation also propagates the page parameters!. I also tried with a plain h:commandLink/a4j:commandLink but then it does not stop conversation propagation.

      I need a way to specify propagation="none" and page-parameter-propagation="off". Is there a way?  I am starting to think that an h:outputLink may be the only answer but the problem is h:outputLink doesn't support calling actions.