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    Problem combining ice:commandButton with s:link for PDF download

    Thomas Nordmeyer Newbie

      I hope, this is the right place to post my problem:
      I am trying to download a pdf stream using icefaces with seam. I started using an ice:commandButton, but then no download dialog did open. Replacing the button with a s:link, the download is fine, but my ice:commandButtons on the same page are out of order. Tracing the events on browser side (Firefox 3.0) with Firebug, I find
      [window] Interup pressed
      for each push to the commandbutton.
      The button stays dead even when I end the download, no matter if I perform it to the end or cancel it.

      When klicking onto another s:link, my ice:commandButtons are back working.

      Did anyone have similar problem - and solved it?

      Maybe anyone knows, how to perform the download with the ice:commandButton or how to keep the buttons alive after the download-klick.