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    Issue - 2.1.0.CR1

    kanwar sangha Newbie


      just upgraded to the new version released today and our project build is failing -

      We are overriding these methods in the EntityHome

              public String getCreatedMessage() {
                      // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                      return super.getCreatedMessage();
              public String getDeletedMessage() {
                      // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                      return super.getDeletedMessage();

      Build complains

      C:\Users\prod\src\com\product\sps\session\DiamAppIntfPeerMapHome.java:144: method does not override a method from its superclass
          [javac]     @Override
          [javac]          ^
      [javac] C:\Users\prod\workspace\provisioningR5Test\src\com\product\sps\session\DiamAppIntfPeerMapHome.java:151: getDeletedMessage() in com.product.sps.session.DiamAppIntfPeerMapHome cannot override getDeletedMessage() in org.jboss.seam.framework.Home; attempting to use incompatible return type
          [javac] found   : java.lang.String
          [javac] required: org.jboss.seam.core.Expressions.ValueExpression
          [javac]     public String getDeletedMessage() {