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    Seam Management Persistent Context and Dynamic components

    amontobin Newbie

      Hi Seam Users,

      I'm trying to create a dynamic interface with buttons and input create on the fly. I've got a controller which is responsible to build the interface and to respond to different actions. My problem is that i cannot use a seam manage persistent context : The Exception is : @In attribute requires non-null value: persisdynamic.entityManager

      I try with a static page (CommandButton and AjaxCommandButton) 1. Persistent Context OK 2. Persistent Context EXTENDED OK 3. In (SMPC) OK

      WIth a dynamic page : 1. Persistent COntext OK 2. Persistent Context EXTENDED OK 3. In (SMPC) NOK. Exception

      You can find an example here : http://sebastien.boutte.free.fr/Download/dynamic.zip
      You have just to unzip it in seam examples directory and build it with ant.

      My Old Post : http://www.seamframework.org/Community/DynamicUIComponentsAndSeamManagedPersistentContextBug

      Pleease Help, i've no idea of what to do