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    Many connections being quired with Seam and Richfaces app

    Zupas Dask Newbie

      We have a web app using Seam and Richfaces with Hibernate for persistence.  While performance is ok we are seeing something that we'd like to understand better and possibly rectify before we deploy.  The issue is that the number of times we are aquiring and letting go of connections each time we enter a page seems very high.  This issue spans all pages, some much worse than others. 

      1. Every time we exit an Ajax validated field we see 2 or 3 connection aquisitions

      2. We see many aquisitions of connections when opening certain pages, the number(sometimes dozens) seems to go far beyond the number of database operations being performed

      We are not using Seam transaction management and are on Tomcat, not jboss.  Any insights or advice are appreciated, thanks.