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    Partitioned databases with Seam

      How should we prepare a Seam application for use with partitioned databases? The analysis we’ve been handed on the options has resulted in Hibernate Shards no longer being considered as an option.

      I’m not sure what the options really are, but we’d of course like to keep using the great features behind EntityQuery, and the conversational benefits associated with injecting EntityManager. Would we need to create our own implementations/subclasses of EntityQuery, of SessionFactory, Session, or something else? What’s a good starting point?

      Would something like C-JDBC or Sequoia work to accomplish this, or can you foresee problems? (I'd imagine if it works it'd be the ideal option, requiring no change to code or application logic. Simply configuration at the JDBC level.)

      Or would we need to have multiple EntityManagers in all action classes, one for each partition? This option would get very messy, as application logic would be coupled to which database entities are in which EntityManager, which could easily change if you reorganize your partitions.