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    Stephan B Newbie

      Is it just me or doesn't the rendered attribute on the s:conversationId have any affect?

      <a jsfc="h:outputLink" value="/form/somePage">
          <s:conversationId rendered="#{conversation.longRunning}"/>

      It is always rendered, even if the EL expression is definitely true!

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          Francisco Jose Peredo Noguez Master

          I guess you meant to say:It is always rendered, even if the EL expression is definitely false?

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            Pete Muir Master

            The rendered attribute isn't supported, why do you think it is?

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              Stephan B Newbie

              @Francisco Peredo: Sorry, you're right, I mean false.

              @Pete Muir: JBoss Tools offered it to me, so I immediately thought it would be supported.

              The reason why it might be import is the following:

              I got a web site with a public area and a private area. Of course a search engine should (only) index the public area (with all the pretty urls). Therefore this needs to be clean, meaning no cids polluting the (GET) links.

              However, there is 1 form, which consists of 3 pages, which I obviously want to be conversational!

              • When the user clicks any link on the page (like e.g. the about link) after starting the conversation, I want the current conversation id to be propagated (so that the user can easily return to the current form's state).

              • If nobody ever starts this conversation (like a search engine), no cid should ever be propagated.

              So I thought I could depend the appending of the parameter on the value of {conversation.longRunning} so that it would only appear if someone started this conversation.

              Is there a proper solution (tried s:fragment and f:param too, no luck)?

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                Pete Muir Master

                Ok, I fixed this in Seam, the rendered attribute shouldn't be shown anymore.

                Seam propagates a temporary conversation across the redirect, what you propose will break Seam.