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    Medium Grained Pages.xml

    John Gilbert Apprentice

      Currently it is possible to have a global pages.xml file or a .page.xml per page.

      I would like to be able to define multiple meta-inf/pages.xml and have them all merged similar to the way meta-inf/components.xml works.

      It looks like I could just modify Pages.initialize() to work similar to the way Initialization.initComponentsFromXmlDocuments() works something like this:

      public void initialize() {
         // leave existing impl
         for (String resource: resources) {
            InputStream stream = ResourceLoader.instance().getResourceAsStream(resource);      
         // add adding approach
         Enumeration<URL> resources = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().getResources("META-INF/pages.xml");
         while (resources.hasMoreElements()) {
            URL url = resources.nextElement();

      Does anyone see any unintended side effects or problems with doing this?