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    NoClassDefFoundError after upgrading to 2.1.0CR1

    Kristoffer T Newbie

      After upgrading an outside pdf-api used stopped working.
      The classloader seems to be unable to locate the given class.
      The jar has been placed in all locations possible inside the ear and war catalog, no luck.
      The first NoClassDefFoundError after upgrading that it failed to locate StringUtils in commons-io. This was some version mismatch since
      we introduced the newer version 1.4, instead of the one shipped with the dist. 1.3.1 (or some what). It disappeared when
      But the totally separate jar-file used in this case, the pdf-jar, can't possibly be colliding or what not with anything other.
      I fail to find the source for this error.
      The class is used inside a seam filter class.