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    h:graphicImage instead of s:graphicImage

    nimo stephan Master

      I use

      <s:graphicImage value="../img/myImage.gif" />

      and get the failure:

      Image pointed to must exist (input stream must not be null)

      I am sure, that this path is valid. I tried it with this:

      <h:graphicImage value="../img/myImage.gif" />

      and h:graphicImage works, but s:graphicImage does not work.

      Why ??

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          Daniel Roth Apprentice

          h:graphicImage points to a path relative to the web server.

          s:graphicImage looks for a file on the disk, so that it can be read and transformed. Do something like (this is just written, not checked at all):

          <s:graphicImage value="#{myBean.image}"/>


          public class MyBean {
            public InputStream getImage() {

          Depending on what AS you use you might get away with

          <s:graphicImage value="/path/to/file.jpg"/>

          s:graphicImage will then use the given path to get the stream with something like ResourceLoader.instance().getResourceAsStream(/path/to/file.jpg);