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    Pushing data from an MDB to appropriate users

    Jeremy Fox Newbie

      In the old forums on the JBoss site there was a posting regarding pushing event data from an MDB to only the certain users that should be receiving it.  I have the need for a page in my application where a user can receive almost real-time updates as certain events happen in the system.  We'd like to accomplish this with Ajax push, so that we aren't doing any heavy polling.  (Too much system overhead.)

      I could some advice about the best way to go about this.  The older posting had mentioned using an application scoped bean to hold the mapping of users to events, which sounds reasonable, but that was as much information as was there.  I am not quite sure how that would work...should this be mapping user sessions to events?  If so, is there any advice regarding how the mapping could be most easily managed?

      Thanks for any guidance,