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    PojoCache doesn't work with Seam 2.1.0CR1

    Jonas Erma Newbie

      After moving my application on Seam 2.1.0CR1, I'm unable to get my cached objects from the cache.

      This is what I have in my components.xml:

      <cache:jboss-pojo-cache-provider />

      This is how I inject the cache in my classes, which works:

      @In CacheProvider<PojoCache> cacheProvider;

      A put always works:

      cacheProvider.put("app", "userList", userList);

      However, get returns always null objects:

      Set<User> userList = (Set<User>) cacheProvider.get("app", "userList");

      I have my cache jars in the EAR/lib directory (jboss-cache.jar and jgroups.jar).

      The debugger shows that the cache keeps the objects after the put. So they are not null. Any help would be appreciated.