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    How to perform a JNDI lookup?



      I'm really new into Seam (in effect I'm studying it because it's used in the web application I've to modify), and I experienced some issues when handling JNDI.

      I exposed a connection factory via a datasource that binds to a JNDI name (an Apache Jackrabbit Repository, using the resource adapter and JCA). I've got a Seam application that needs to retrieve that factory via JNDI.

      If I try the standard way - I mean:

      obj = new InitialContext().lookup(jndiName)

      I don't receive any exceptions but obj is null. Then I can't get anything to work properly :)

      I read there are some other ways to inject that JNDI object in my component (it has an application scope and it's annotated with @Startup, this is why I guess the inizialization begins when you deploy the app), but I really haven't figured how to do it. Tried with @In(jndiName) before the Object declaration (at class scope), but it didn't work.

      Thank you for helping.