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    How to get the hole hot deploy blessing ??

    Maykell Frómeta Newbie

      Hi all, i have a little seam-gen generated project, i can do hot deploy only when the server is running in debug mode, now it didn´t was a problem until i began to use BPM on it. Now when start the server in debug mode it take too much time and when i try to debug some piece of code occur the same.

      I was asking my self,it is possible that i don´t have the appropriate configuration to support hot deploy?

      In first place, i don´t see for anywhere in my project the WEB-INF/dev directory that every tutorial about Seam and Hot Deploy mention; the classes are copied into a WEB-INF/classes directory when deploy.
      Seam-gen don´t create projects ready for hot deploy?
      There is extra configuration i most do to get it work?
      What configurations i most do?

      Second, with all configurations in place can i start the server in normal mode(not in debug mode) and get the benefits and promises of hot deployment?

      Thank you in advance,