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    Post methods calling SLSB methods - hang with MSSQL

    Dowell Griffin Newbie

      JBoss 4.0.5.GA
      Seam 1.2.1.GA
      MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005

      The app runs fine with MySQL.  If I have an entity bean method annotated with @PostPersist, @PostUpdate or @PostRemove and that method calls an SLSB the method invocation hangs when using  MSSQL.  It works fine with MySQL.  Execution never hits a breakpoint I set in the target method .  It is not the method that is hanging it it the invocation of the method.

      I am not certain if this is Seam related or not.  I have no quick way to remove Seam from the app.

      Anyone seen this before?

      Happens on multiple entity beans.  Those with @postUpdate (for example) do not hang if they do not have an SLSB call!