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    When using @In,@Out or get,set

    nimo stephan Master

      When using @In and @Out, we do not need getter/setter.

      When using a Map:

      private Map<String, String> myMap;

      then I have to initialize it for example in my @Create or @Factory-Method:

      myMap = new HashMap<String, String>();

      I had assumed, that we should not use the constructor when using @In, @Out.
      But then it does not work when using myMap (NullPointerException). Is that right?

      The other question is:

      Do I have a field-access when using @In/@Out ?

      I do not have getter/setter, so I cannot say:

      in my Bean:

      in JSF-EL:

      By using @In, @Out, I have to say:

      in my Bean:

      in JSF-EL:

      So I have to be aware, that the 'a' is unique in my whole web-project? Am I right?

      The Question is:

      Should I use @In/@Out for properties, which I do need in other beans.
      Should I use getter/setter for properties, which I do NOT need in other beans.

      Or should I only use @In/@Out and not getter/setters at all.