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    Outjected values from Stateful bean are not available in JSF page

    Jus Yes Newbie

      The outjected value bar is not available in the jsf page that is rendered after executing this service operation, the value is available on subsequent navigation page. any ideas as to why... The goal is i have shopping cart like object that needs to be available in Conversation/Session scope and it could be used on multiple JSF pages over multiple posts...


      Below is service FooServiceImpl.java
      public class FooServiceImpl implements FooService{
           private Bar bar;
           public Bar retrieveBarSummary(){          
                bar = retrieveBarSummary(bar.getId());
                return bar;
             public Bar retrieveAccountSummary(String accountNumber){
             // code to retrieve
             @Destroy @Remove                                                                      
             public void destroy() {}