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    Eclipse Seam project for JBoss AS 4.3

    Brent Marshall Newbie

      I'm working with JBoss SOA-P 4.2, which includes the JBoss AS 4.2, and Seam 1.2.1.

      I'm trying to create a Seam Project in Eclipse Ganymede, using Jboss Tools 2.1.1.

      When I try to create a Seam project, and get to the Seam Facet screen of the wizard, it complains that my seam directory doesn't have a template directory.

      All the advice I can find on the web for this problem refer to using seam-gen.  Since seam-gen is no longer included in the JBoss distribution I'm using, I'm looking for another solution.

      Does JBoss Tools 3.0 alpha address this issue?
      Are the Seam portions of Jboss Tools just broken/obselete?
      Why are the apparently necessary templates directories not part of the JBoss installation?

      Any help or advice is appreciated.

        - Brent