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    howto join a conversation from a message driven bean?

    Bernd Putsche Newbie

      Hi guys...

      i have a very delicius and unfortunately urgent problem i'm not able to solve, and googling didn't help me either :-(

      i'm quite new to seam and not a 100% aware of anything yet :-/
      Anyway, here's my problem:

      we are using a conversation, a bean that participates in that conversation and stores a lot of stuff in the conversation context.
      now we want to send a jms from that bean to a message driven bean on another jboss server. the message includes some parameters and of course the conversation id retrieved from the injected conversation.getID().

      the retrieving bean on the other side is doing some stuff and sends itselfs some objects and the previously sent id back to the first server to another message driven bean. the question now is how can this bean ( back on the first server) access the previus conversation context still running to store the retrived objects so that other running beans in this conversation can use the data?