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    Trindad Ajax4jsf Filter and enable-cache="false"

    Scott Olcott Newbie

      Previously it was recommended that when using Trinidad and RichFaces together that you add the following to components.xml to work around a bug in their integration:

      <web:ajax4jsf-filter enable-cache="false" />

      Now when I look at the seamdisc example it seems that this has been removed.  Is this something that has been fixed? 

      I would like to remove this because it seems to cause problems with long running conversations when you conversation timeout is short.  For example if I set the conversation timeout to 1 second the org.jboss.seam.conversationTimeout event is called before the page is even finished rendering.  This seems to be caused by richfaces getting resources which goes through the render response phase.  This new render response phase has a different conversation id than the long running conversation so it doesn't touch the lrc's lastResquestTime property but at the end of the request it goes through all the ConversationEntries and checks to make sure that they have been accessed during the timeout window.  If the conversations haven't been accessed during the timeout window they are closed.