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    Reg:Trinidad components

    kumar kumar Newbie

      Can we test trinidad components using JSFUnit

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          Stan Silvert Master

          We don't have any Trinidad-specific support yet.

          Here is a more complete answer about JSFUnit and Ajax components:



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            kumar kumar Newbie

            u mean to say that JSFUnit will support only JBoss complaint components like richfaces,Seam.....etc...it doesn't support other companents like Trinidad..etc...can u be specific on this..

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              Stan Silvert Master

              Our intent is to support every major component library and JSF framework out there. So Trinidad and Tomahawk are high on the list.

              I'm trying to come up with better ways to support these different libraries. Right now it is very labor intensive because each component library (and even components within a library) has a different way to deal with AJAX submits.

              One idea is to change JSFClientSession to use HtmlUnit instead of HttpUnit. HtmlUnit seems to have better javascript support, which might allow us to call javascript directly instead of rewriting javascript libraries in java. If that works out, the problem is solved and JSFUnit would suddenly work with the vast majority of JSF/Ajax components. But more research is needed.

              Worst case, we will stay with the current HttpUnit-based client and work with the Trinidad community to make sure that Trinidad and JSFUnit work well together.