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    Connect to a LDAP server

    Jeronimo Azevedo Newbie


      I wonder if there is a way to use Seam to connect to a LDAP server. There is the LdapIdentityStore to authenticate users, but I just want to get a LDAP connection to do some searches. I could create a Ldap class with a ejb name and than inject it where I need the ldap connection but I wonder if there not better way.



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          Shane Bryzak Master

          There's not really any special support in Seam for interacting with an LDAP directory.  To be honest, I don't see how we could simplify it any than the javax.naming API already makes it.  Although of course if you've got some ideas for a specific feature that would make it easier, I'd like to hear about it.

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            Travis De Silva Newbie

            Hi Shane,

            Does this mean that for example if I need to read the value of an attribute in the ldap entry for the user, I will have to use the javax.naming API. So that means then I will have to directly bind via java and do this. Please let me know if my understanding is correct or if there is an easier way in seam.

            I looked at the LdapIdentityStore and there does not seem to be a method where I can pass the ldap attribute name and get the value.

            I would image a feature like that will be great as large organizations tend to put a lot of information in ldap (ie active directoty). For example, the email address, empoyee id etc is stored in active directory. I was thinking if I can pass the attribute name to a method on the ldapIdentityStore and then it returns the attribute value. simple as that. Not sure if seam can do this. Else maybe I will have to extend the ldapIdentityStore store and implement this.

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              Shane Bryzak Master

              LdapIdentityStore is intended only to be used for identity-related operations.  If you want to query an LDAP directory for other stuff then I recommend you write a new component for this purpose.