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    Using temporary tables

    S T Newbie

      Hi all!

      I'm currently working on a problem where one solution could be a temporary table...
      So in short: Is it possible to create a temporary table out of an EntityQuery resultList with seam?

      And the long version of the question....
      I'm making a query to the database based on an EntityQuery object. Thsi gives me some documents back. Based on these documents I generate some facetes which always contains a name and the number of occurences (e.g. 2005 [10] 2004 [20]). Now if I select one of the facetes I want to filter the results. So I can requery the database with a restriction on the year according to the selected facete. And this works fine already. But now there is the problem: After I requery the DB the facetes will change because of the changed resultList. But the facetes should always stay according to the first resultList. So is there an easy way to disconnect the facetes without using temporary tables?