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    Big performance problem: when using <s:link> or <s:button> with page.xml

    kenneth zhang Newbie
      <s:link> or <s:button> will automatically check the View_id's page.xml, and temporary construct the seam components in the page.xml, then call component's @Create and @Destroy method.

      For example:

      There is a <s:link> at the menu.xhtml:

          <s:link view="/login.xhtml" value="Login"/>

      If login.page.xhtml like this:
          <param name="order" value="#{deptList.order}"/>

      seam will automatically construct the deptList component, and call it's @Create and @Destroy method.

      I find the issue at Seam 2.0.2.SP1 and 2.0.3.CR1.
      It's a big performance problem, please resolve it ASAP.

      Thanks a lot  and sorry for my bad english.

      Best regards,

      2008-10-22 Shanghai