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    EL value inconsistent (or I'm losing it!)

    Dave Sunerton-Burl Newbie

      Hi all - I'm tearing my hair out over this one and I'm just hoping for a sanity check...

      I have a simple page which includes (using ui:include) another dynamically, based on the content of a variable - here's the XHTML;

      <div id="filterOptions">
        <rich:dataTable width="100%" value="#{editFilter.filterChoices}" var="filterChoice">
            #{filterChoice.filter.operator == null ? 'NONE' : filterChoice.filter.operator}
            <ui:include src="operators/#{filterChoice.filter.operator == null ? 'NONE' : filterChoice.filter.operator}.xhtml">
              <ui:param name="filter" value="#{filterChoice.filter}" />
              <ui:param name="attribute" value="#{editFilter.selectedAttribute}" />

      When this page is rendered, the first column displays the correct value (e.g. EQUALS) but the ui:include always includes 'operators/NONE.xhtml'. I've looked over this so many times (sometimes out of the corner of my eye, just in case) but I can't see why filterChoice.filter.operator always resolves to the correct string in the first column and null in the second.

      Can anyone spot anything?