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    Is anybody knows about SeamELReoslver implemenation? need help

    Harpreet Dhanoa Newbie


      I am writing a customELResolver that extends SeamELResolver and as you already know
      SeamELResolver extends ELResolver 
      but at debug time I find that before and after calling my customELResolver control go to a FacesCompositeResolver class
      I am using richfaces and also if SeamELResolver extends ELResolver  then from where this class get called

      FacesCompositeResolver  class is in jsf-impl .
      Is seam  using composite Resolver if yes please provide some documenation links
      I did'nt find any docs on SeamELResolver or how to implement   CompositeELResolver in seam

      Need Urgent help,
      Thanks a bunch in advance