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    Starting an Existing Pageflow Differently

    Neil C Novice

      I have a pageflow working quite nicely for generating an order.  It is started by an s:button that begins the conversation and begins the pageflow, which begins with a start-page element.  The order is constructed, populated, and persisted over the course of the pageflow.  Everything works just fine.

      Well, I have another use case where an order has been partially completed and stored some time in the past, and the user now wants to find it and finish it off.  What I want to do is let the user find the order and then simply toss it to the existing pageflow.  Now this encounter with the existing pageflow has some major differences from what I described above:

      • The conversation has already begun.

      • The order object has already been created.

      • The pageflow needs to be started after the execution of an action.

      Now I think the first two are fairly straightforward.  Conversations and pageflows are separate though related things, so the stage of the conversation should be irrelevant.  Meanwhile, I can just inject the order into my component or have it created with a @Factory method if it doesn't exist.

      But the third issue would suggest that I need to start my pageflow with a start-state element rather than start-page.  I certainly don't want to write a second pageflow with that one change.

      I have tried a lot of different options, and I cannot get the pageflow to start.  I would really appreciate any insight into this issue--whether my assumptions are valid, whether I have things all wrong on a design level, or whether there is a way to do what I want to do without creating a whole new pageflow that would be almost identical to the first.

      Thanks very much.