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    Envers 1.2.0.GA Source?

    Poul Elverum Newbie

      I am working to integrate Envers 1.2.0.GA into an application and am encountering difficulties in doing so (NPEs, ClassCastExceptions, etc.) and I am trying to debug these issues to determine what the problem root cause.

      Core entity revision auditing and query appears to work nicely, but I am encountering issues with oneToMany and manyToMany associations that I am attempting to work through.

      I am working with a technology stack consisting of:
      * Eclipse Ganymede
      * Hibernate 3.3
      * JBoss 4.2.x

      I have pulled down the source code but it appears to be inconsistency between the GA binary JAR file and the source code in SVN (current Trunk and the revision that was identified as the "match" to the 1.2.0.GA release in a separate posting.

      Does anyone have the source code that is in synch with the GA jar file?

      Any guidance on how to pull the source and build the current trunk release in a fashion that would be compatible with Java 1.5 and Hibernate 3.3?


      - Poul