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    Seam integration

    Tim Evers Master

      I've noticed in the Hudson console output a little bit of Seam stuff happening!! :)

      I'm really at a loss at the moment as to the best way to test the application I'm working on. I've been looking at SeamTest, but..... this doesn't achieve all my goals. As one of my most important goals to me is to ensure that all the EL expressions on every page are valid. From what I understand SeamTest would not do this for me. So, I thought that's ok, I'll use JSFUnit, I know that this will definitly compile the page and ad least check all my value binding expressions.

      This is where my real issue comes. I have a userEnquiry page and a userMaintenance page. You can only access userMaintenance.jsf from userEnquiry. This is because userEnquiry will outject the User that we are going to maintain. So, how do I write a test for userMaintenance so that the userMaintenance test is a single test that just depends on the userEnquiry test being run. I havn't written this yet but I'm guessing I'm going to run into problems with conversations. But, we'll see.

      I hope Seam support isn't too away!

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          Stan Silvert Master

          Seam integration is my next task. It turned out to be a little harder than I first thought, but I'm going to meet with some of the Seam team here at JBoss World and find the best way to attack the problem.

          Hopefully, you'll see some more progress in the next two or three weeks. I'll announce it on this forum as soon as I've got something for folks to try out.


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            Stan Silvert Master

            There's some early progress that you might want to take a look at. If you build from SVN and use the org.jboss.jsfunit.seam.SeamClient instead of JSFClientSession, you will see conversation scope support.

            SeamClient extends JSFClientSession, so you use it in the same way. You will see some long stack traces in your log that come from conversation tear down, but your tests will still work. Also, I might be changing the name of SeamClient to SeamClientSession.

            Any feedback will be most helpful.