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    Newlines in pdf table cell

    Timothy Whitehead Newbie

      In seam 2.0.3 I had problems with pdf cells inserting what appears to be unwanted newlines before the text in every pdf table cell. I found that by carefully ensuring that there were no new lines in my template, the problem could be avoided. However, a font change still generated a new line, which I had to work around by using HTML and doing the font change in the html.

      With 2.1.0.GA, I found that all my reports had a new line at the start of every cell.

      I have have finally done a work around by putting in a negative top padding.

      <f:facet name="defaultCell">
          <p:cell paddingLeft="3" paddingRight="3" paddingBottom="3" paddingTop="-2"/>                 

      It would be nice to know if there is a better way of avoiding the new line that occurs at the start of each table cell and whenever a font change is made within a table cell.