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    How can I get index number of a row from data table?

    Germiyan Ogul Newbie

      I need to get row index from a rich datatable and use it in my code to get some results. I searched forum and google it is said that I need to use UIData and bind it to datatable.

      After I did this, I started get the error below

      binding="#{invoiceHome.issueData}": Target Unreachable, identifier 'invoiceHome' resolved to null


      This is my code

      <rich:dataTable id="receiptList" var="ii"
      value="#{invoiceHome.instance.itemInvoice}" binding="#{invoiceHome.issueData}" >


      private UIData issueData;
      public UIData getIssueData() {
      return issueData;
      public void setIssueData(UIData issueData) {
      this.issueData = issueData;

      What is wrong with my code? Is there another way to retrieve row index?