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    javax.faces.converter vs. validator

    Martin Treiber Newbie

      Hello Folks,

      I am having a hard time with Seam's validation. My EntityBean has an byte property myProperty. To limit its value I annotated it with "@Max(value=99)". But when I enter a value, larger than 99 I get the error message from javax.faces.converter.ByteConverter.BYTE_detail, announcing that the value has to be smaller than 255 (because that's where Byte ends) - but not the validator.max message. So, the validator checks properly for values smaller than 99, but it delivers a wrong error message.

      Is there a certain precedence for the validator calls? I am working with the default Seam messages_*.properties file. Same problem occurs if I use @Range instead of @Max.

      My EntityBean:

      @Range(max=99, min=0)
      private byte myProperty;
      getMyProperty(){return this.myProperty; };
      setMyProperty(byte newProperty){ this.myProperty = newProperty; }

      My JSF:

          <h:inputText value="#{entityname.myProperty}" />