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    Remoting and nested conversations

    Sergio R Pantano Newbie

      I have a editing page that must be in a nested conversation of the associated listing page.
      At this editing page I wish to make Seam remoting calls - inside the nested conversation. This is because I have a large amount of state and validation that I need to share and control through the remoting calls.

      the code when I enter in edit page:

      public class ProcessCrudFacade
          @Begin(nested = true)
          public void mountProcess() {

      when I call the remote method:

      function processClient(cli,case){
          Seam.Remoting.getContext().setConversationId( #{conversation.id} );
          Seam.Component.getInstance("processCrudAction").processClient(cli, processClientCallBack);

      Unfortunately Seam creates a new instance of processCrudAction in remote calling. How fix it?