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    Exception handling, ignore AbortProcessingException

    Stefano Morelli Newbie
      is it possible in exception handling in page.xml to ignore the AbortProcessingException and no redirect to the error page but only terminate the processing of the current event?

      <h:form id="myForm">
           <h:commandLink id="view01" value="link1"
             action="page01" actionListener="#{myview.myactionListener}" />
           <h:commandLink id="view02" value="link2"
           action="page02" actionListener="#{myview.myactionListener}" />

      public void myactionListener(ActionEvent actionEvent){
               .addToControl("myForm",StatusMessage.Severity.ERROR, message, null);
           throw new AbortProcessingException();
            <end-conversation />
           <redirect view-id="/error.jsp">               

      I'd like only view the current page with the error message

      Thanks you