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    ClassNotFoundException on 2.1.0.GA deploy

    Valerie Griffin Newbie
      I've been getting PersistenceExceptions when I deploy to 2.1.0.GA. They are caused by
      "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException No ClassLoaders found for: com.myproj.MyTable"

      I've had a few times when this didn't happen, but it happens nearly all the time. I'm using JBoss 4.2.2 GA on Red Hat Linux.

      I'm using DB2 and seam-gen. Originally, I was using my build.xml that handles DB2's license file, the changes to RESTRICTIONS to reorder lower and concat, and changes to handle hibernate yes_no values. I also added the typo fix Dan reported. When I got this error on the deploy, I reverted to a nearly-original seam-gen and reduced what I was asking for. The only changes are one to build.xml to include DB2's license in hibernate's path and the typo fix.

      If I do seam create-project and deploy, it works. (Of course, it doesn't do anything useful....) If I do seam generate-model and deploy, it fails. Because I've got a lot of composite and foreign keys, I reduced the model to just one value-description table using the numeric value as the primary key. Of course it fails or I wouldn't be telling you about it.

      Before getting the PersistenceException, Ejb3Configuration does find EJB3 Entity bean for the table's class.

      Is this a bug or am I overlooking something simple?