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    SeamTest in 2.1 and multi-module Maven project error

    Petr Nejedly Newbie


      we have a multi-module Maven setup and running tests in test and integration-test phases. We're using Embedded EJB container for the integration tests. Since migrating to Seam 2.1.0.GA, SeamTest based tests are failing during startSeam(), more precisely createServletContext(). It's trying to instantiate MockServletContext, causing NPE on line:

      webappRoot = new File(getClass().getResource("/").toURI());

      This is only happening, however, when run on Linux machine from the parent pom file (works on Windows every time and on Linux when run from a sub-project). Basically the NPE is caused by getResource("/") returning null. Seems to be working when replaced by:

      webappRoot = new File(getClass().getResource("/.").toURI());

      I'm a bit stuck here, since this code is in the default constructor of the MockServletContext class so overwriting it will not help.

      Any ideas how to solve this, or is it something that might be considered for a patch?