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    PDF p:cell alignment broken in 2.1.0GA?

    Terry Apprentice
      After upgrading to Seam 2.1.0.GA PDF cell alignment to right is being ignored; everything gets left aligned. Is this broken?

      It used to work fine in previous versions.

      <p:table columns="8" widths="10,10" headerRows="1" widthPercentage="100" spacingBefore="10" >

          <f:facet name="defaultCell"><p:cell borderWidth=".1" borderColor="lightgray"/></f:facet>
          <p:cell horizontalAlignment="right" verticalAlignment="middle" grayFill=".8"><p:paragraph>Total</p:paragraph></p:cell>
          <p:cell horizontalAlignment="right"><p:paragraph><p:text value="#{stats.total}"><f:convertNumber groupingUsed="true"/></p:text></p:paragraph></p:cell>