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    Multiple Identities in the same session

    pasi nurmenaho Newbie

      Hi fellows,

      Has anyone implemented a Seam application that would allow to have multiple logins at the same time in the same session? Is this possible using Seam Security?

      For example, a use case:

      User A opens a browser, strarts the application, logs in, uses the application.

      User B comes to the room, needs to use the application. Opens a new browser tab on the same browser (same session), logs in, uses the application, logs out.

      User A continues using the application.

      The only way I could figure out how to do this, was to go and change the Identity.class in jboss-seam.jar into conversation scope instead of session scope and rebuild the .jar. This of course is not a durable solution.

      I'm a bit lost here, hope someone has some hints...

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          Daniel Wachter Newbie


          it's a old topic i know but i need exactly the same functionality.
          does somebody have any good idea to handle such a scenario.

          user a is logged in and work in a browser tab.
          the user receives a email which point him to a registration/confirmation page which needs (for service purposes)
          a kind of daemon-user for getting access to the permitted services.

          is it not possible to let the daemon-user be handled in a different session, to not bug the user a which is logged in before?
          thanks for any hints