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    Resource-Bundles and UTF-8

    Mike Schulze Newbie


      I am using the Seam-ResourceLoader and want to inject a property directly into my java-code, as it is described in the seam-reference (15.3.2 - Seam Reference 2.0.2SP1) - but UTF-8 statements are not interpreted right. My intranetResources.property-file is located in the War/WEB-INF/classes folder an looks like this:

      propDealerRole = SFDE-H\u00E4ndler

      my components.xml:


      this is the way I retrieve the value of the property in my code:

      @In(value = "#{messages.propDealerRole}")
       private static String dealerRoleName;

      but when i log this out I get a wrong value:


      On the other hand - if I run a SeamTest - i get the right value.

      I start my JBoss with those arguments:


      I am using JBoss Seam 2.0.2 on an JBoss AS 4.2.2 and Windwos XP

      Thx - Mike