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    A4J ajax with login-required results in full page refresh IE6

    Terry Martin Newbie

      Using seam 2.1.0.GA (and CR1 too), if I secure a seam page by specifying login-required in its page descriptor and happen to use a4j:support in that page, when I trigger an ajax post, it results in the whole page being refreshed.  This only seems to be occurring in IE6 - firefox 3 is fine.  In particular, I'm seeing this happen in a form using

      <a4j:support event="onblur">

      on the 'inputText' components.  As I blur off the fields, the whole page refreshes.  If I remove the login-required from the page's page descriptor, problem goes away and everything behaves as expected.  What's really got me messed up is the fact that it works with Firefox.  Any ideas?

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          Terry Martin Newbie

          I haven't solved this problem yet, but I have narrowed it down a lot more.  I know the problem has to do with the fact that I'm using the JCIFS NTLM servlet filter to implement Windows SSO authentication and tie it in to Seam Security.  There's a difference in how IE obtains and sends network ID info versus how Firefox does it (essentially it seems firefox can't really do it) and that accounts for why I have no problem in Firefox, just in IE.  If I disable/remove the JCIFS servlet filter, then there's no problem.  It doesn't matter if I'm actually use the filter in my code.  Just having the filter in the filter chain at all, appears to screw up the Ajax4JSF page refresh mechanism apparently.  I'm considering hacking the servlet filter code a bit and see if I can possibly disable it after it's done its job initially - at least, for a session.