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    Seam Liferay Integration

    Raghunath Nandy Newbie

      Hi ALL,
      I'm frustratingly working on seam and liferay integration. But I need to figure it out.
      I'm able to run Icefaces showcase example in liferay/glassfish. Iceface is having portal bridge for Liferay and seam. I want to integrate seam,facelets example and liferay , do I need to use any bridge.


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          Alexey Kakunin Newbie
          About month ago I did some investigation in seam + facelets + liferay (without icefaces)
          By some reasons I did not want to use icefaces, so, I wanted to create clean jsf + facelets + seam application.

          I used openportal bridge (tried to use jboss bridge - but it is not working under liferay).
          After spending many time I made it possible to use seam's DI functionality (so, it was possible to define beans in seams and use them from JSF) - but I was not able to make conversation working

          If you interested - I can share simple jsf + facelets + seam project (but again - only partially worked).