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    Click event missing when using browser back button

    Hoan Nguyen Newbie

      Hello everyone.

      I knew that the browser back button problem has been discussed a few times before, but I cant find out the information suited for me. So I post my question here to see if someone has the answer.

      I have a page flow as following

          <start-page name="start" view-id="/foo.xhtml"
              <transition name="cancel"  to="cancelled"/>
              <transition name="next"    to="validate"/>

          <decision name="validate" expression="#{foo.validate()}">
              <transition name="failure"  to="start"/>
              <transition name="confirm"  to="render"/>
          <!-- Render the report -->
          <page name="render" view-id="/foo_display.xhtml"
              <end-conversation />

      foo.xhtml page receive some input, do some validation and display the result in foo_display.xhtml page.

      From the 'start' page, I fill in some data and click on 'next' button to go to the next page foo_display.xhtml. This works OK.
      However when I click on the back button, the browser bring me back to the previous page foo.xhtml; I fill in data and click 'next'. At this time foo_display.xhtml page is not opened, but I stay at the same foo.xhtml page.

      I have run a debug with SEAM and recognize that somehow the click event on the 'next' button is not caught in the second pass.

      Does anyone have experience with this? Or is there any clue you could think about?
      Any idea is appreciated.