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    Logging supressed in 2.1.0.GA?

    Tobias Hill Newbie

      After changing to seam 2.1.0.GA we don't get runtime exceptions displayed as stacktraces in our logs anymore. This makes it hard to track bugs during development. What's wrong? Do I have to switch something on in components.xml to get this kind of essential logging?

      For instance, today I goofed on a deep copy and forgot to make one of the participating classes implement Serializable. When running the application I was redirected to feedback-page but the server log was dead silent. I had to debug to find out that a java.io.NotSerializableException was being thrown in the application.

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      Tobias Hill

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          Tobias Hill Newbie

          More investigation gives that if I do declare the exception in pages.xml as this:

          <exception class="java.io.NotSerializableException" log="true" logLevel="error">
              <redirect view-id="/feedbackPage.xhtml"/>

          ... I do get a full an detailed stacktrace for this in the logs. As expected.

          What I didn't expect was that action seems to be required to get essential logging going. Shouldn't it be the other way around - i.e. suppressing those Exceptions which you know is ok?