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    Annotation / persistence.xml question

    David Lilley Newbie

      We have migrated our project to:

      JBoss 5.0.1
      Hibernate 3.3
      Seam 2.11
      Granite 1.2
      Flex 3.x
      Envers 1.2

      With the post-insert, post-update, and post-delete, auditing is working properly. The problem is that we also have listeners which fire to update data for a JMS client. When the AuditEventListener is defined in persistence.xml, the listeners for JMS do not fire. It is as if AuditEventListener consumes the event, but does not refire or let another consumer have it. We need both event listeners to catch it.

      I tried to add AuditEventListener to the Entity Listener annotation in our Abstract (e.g. @EntityListeners({AuditEventListener.class, JmsListener.class}), but that doesn't work.

      Is there any way to allow both listeners to work?