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    Use of JsfUnit as an enhanced HttpUnit

    Martin Denham Newbie

      Would it be possible to use the HttpUnit wrapper code from JsfUnit without the cactus code and consequently without the necessity to enhance the war.

      I ask this because we used HttpUnit a lot before we switched to jsf and RichFaces and liked the ability to test any deployment remotely without requiring an enhanced war.



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          Stan Silvert Master

          So you want to use JSFUnit outside the container? The wrapper code relies on knowledge of the JSF component tree, which simplifies the API. So to do this you would need to get all the client ID's for all the components and ship it to the client.

          So it's possible, but it can't be done right now.

          There is tremendous advantage to in-container tests. Otherwise, you are just doing black box testing, which is much more brittle.

          Interesting idea though. Maybe I'll try it at some point.