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    Making "SCRIPTABLE" seam app

    Laurent 4x Newbie

      Hello !
      Well everything is in the title. It is not 100% centred on seam in a way.

      The context is this :

      -porting a legacy app to a full web seam/richfaces application

      -But the ancient app' with all it's bad sides got one feature we must try to keep :

      users were able to customize/configure the application runtime in some extents by loading and executing on runtime,

      some small scripts (as creating a entry in the supplier database's table from some parts of the current selection items etc..

      well lot of things and use cases YOU CANNOT know per advance and for wich it's not a alernative to wait for a next release.)

      In the legacy app this was quite easy because the legacy language got is own interpretor and you don't have much to do :
      desingning some entry point on which a user-script can be loaded and executed,
      designing a small kind-of API (a subset of the application functions , entities etc..) which doc you gave the administrator
      That was not such a big deal..

      But I don't know at all how this can be done in Java World...  interpreting some code ...

      So my questions is double :
      which scripting framework is a proven one , used in production by one of you ??

      And which will best fit with SEAM framework ?

      This post's goal is to try to put together the more advices, experiences in this area.


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          Laurent 4x Newbie

          Just to complete my post :
            I forgot to mention that Of course I've already looked around and
          there is few names poking  around :
          The BeanShell JSR; Jakarta Bean Scripting Framework (BSF); JSR 223 .... )

          Well it is the same old problem when it's time to invest in a framework ?
          which one is a proven, alive, project ; already used in production with success ??
          And which will best fit with an ear / war application ? in this case specifically a SEAM app'.

          that's why I need some companions advices, pro/cons and simple opinions.


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            Ilya Newbie

            just on top of my head: seam supports groovy and groovy is a scripting language :)