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    JUnit 4.4 vs 3.8.1

    Tomas Cirip Newbie


      I started playing with JSFUnit and I like it. One major problem I experienced is dependency on JUnit 3.8.1. Is there any way around to make it work with version 4.4? Thanks


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          Tomas Cirip Newbie

          And also Spring support? I just learned that my spring beans are not bring recognized by static view test.


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            Stan Silvert Master

            Right now it won't work with JUnit 4.4. This is a current limitation of Cactus. I've talked with the new project lead of Cactus and it's on his todo list. But he's been slow to put out a new release because his time is very limited. Anybody want to help him out with that? Make sure you ping the Cactus mailing list before you start hacking at the code. He's keeping the new release in a different repository.

            If nothing happens with that project then we might consider pulling the Cactus parts we need into the JSFUnit project. But I'm pressed for time as well.

            As for Spring support, I don't know what would need to be done. I'd love to see someone create a maven subproject off of jboss-jsfunit-examples with some failed Spring tests that need to be fixed in JSFUnit core. Then we would have a clear picture of what Spring support would entail.