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    Problem with listing of table entries

    Max Meyers Newbie


      I am new to Seam. I want to use it for a project at my university. So I decided to make a small tutorial app. I am using eclipse and generated with eclipse some entities and also a class who derives from EntityQuery. When I want to list some rows of my table I make this call in a jsf-page:


      Well, if I call this I get an Exception. Now I found out, what produces this exeption. It's hibernate and sql syntax:

              spieler0_.sid as sid0_,
              spieler0_.name as name0_,
              spieler0_.gebdat as gebdat0_,
              spieler0_.lv as lv0_,
              spieler0_.marke as marke0_ 
              seamprojekt.seamprojekt.spieler spieler0_ limit ?

      First of all my database is named seamprojekt. Why hibernate writes seamprojekt.seamprojekt.spieler (spieler is the table) and not just seamprojekt.spieler? My second question is what does limit ? mean? The query works perfectly (tested in mysql), if I write just seamprojekt.spieler and forget about the limit ?.

      I need this tutorial app this week, so it would be very nice, if someone can help me!

      Many thanks!