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    Where to place utility type classes and how to annotate them.

    Jared Scott Newbie

      Hello all,

      I'm fairly new to the Seam world, but am excited to be working on my first real Seam based project. I am still trying to get my head around the where what goes and how Seam ties it together. I used the booking example to build an Intellij project that has three modules, an Enterprise Module (ear), an EJB Module (ejb.jar), and a Web Module (web.war). I have it completely working with IceFaces and also with RichFaces.

      I'm currently trying to add a simple class for tying to a Tree component. The ice faces component uses IceUserObject to represent the tree nodes. So if I place my TreeBean in the source of web project (war) and add it to the faces-config.xml as a managed bean it works perfectly. If I add the @Name(tree) annotation to the TreeBean in my web project (war) and remove the reference in the faces-config.xml it fails. Now if I move the TreeBean to the EJB project (EJB.jar) with the @Name(tree) annotation it hits the class (I stepped through it in the debugger), but gives me a weird error saying it cannot cast an IceUserObject to an IceUserObject.

      I would be posting this on Icefaces forum, but since it works as a managed bean I'm assuming it's a Seam problem. Where should I be putting these types of classes? Any pointers?

      Thanks in advance for your help.