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    Multiple Wars in EAR in seam 2.10SP1 doesn't work

    Antoine Sabot-Durand Newbie

      I know that multiple War in EAR is a very asked question but with migration to 2.10 it's very urgent to get guidelines on the topic.

      I've got 2 application with multiple wars in EAR they worked rather fine in Seam 2.0X and JBoss 4.2.2 (with phase listener warning and some components sharing between wars).

      I tried yesterday to update one of these application to seam 2.10sp1 and it was a total mess. The components.xml of the first war declared in application.xml  is used for all wars (their components.xml file) are ignored.

      I guess it is linked with class loading isolation in JBoss but I'm a bit confused on the subject. Could someone give me leads to investigate this issue : It doesn't have to be long but something to start with.

      Thanks a lot